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Announcing the U.S. Premiere of Doom, Gloom & Despondency!

This is a serious, formal, thematic, judged song contest. Attendees are expected to maintain a solemn aspect (e.g. dark clothes, long face, and soft, respectful speech). In the event of a breach of decorum (e.g. laughter), the offender will be evicted for the duration of the current song—and the singer will receive bonus points. Contestants should sign up in advance at Program Nexus.

"Doom, Gloom & Despondency" is a long-standing popular event at the annual Sidmouth Folk Week in England, and we hope it will become a similar tradition at Arisa.

T-Shirts and Calendars Ready for Pre-Ordering

Pre-orders are being taken for the Arisia t-shirt designed by Roger Dean and for limited edition Roger Dean calendars. The website now takes Paypal for those who prefer that method of payment.

Please go to and order your t-shirt. They are available black or white, men's or women's styles, and a wide range of sizes. There are fewer than 400 calendars left, so please get your pre-order in quickly.

In-Character Speed Dating

We're having an In-character Speed Dating game show at Arisia this year. Come in character and in costume as any being from any story, show, or otherwise that you'd like to be.

Our MC (Scratch) will run this event game-show style, setting up the characters with speed-date style interactions before a live audience. In the end, the applause-o-meter will determine which pair the audience thought did the best. The winning pair of characters will get a free dinner!

Overflow Hotel Block Increased

Haven't figured out where you're sleeping over Arisia Weekend? Want a room at the con but figure the wait list is a mile long, and that you'll never clear off of it? Worry no longer!


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