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Participant Bio Information

If you have a bio going into the Arisia pamphlet, you should be warned that each individual will get a paragraph, and therefore there will be some squishing for anyone who has given us a longer entry. Contact programming if you wish to make any adjustments.

Advertise at Arisia!

Put your ad in our souvenir book or restaurant guide. Get checked out by over three thousand members of your target audience. Support a registered nonprofit. EVERYBODY WINS!

Deadline for notification is November 15th, ad submissions by the 30th. Please check out for all rates and info.

Let our Mad Men know if you have any questions:

GoH T-Shirt

Roger Dean designed us a T-shirt!  The shirt is available to be picked up at Arisia. The link is

Arisia is having a Quiet Room this year

This year we are adding a Quiet Room, a space to take a break from the noise and chaos of the con and those omnipresent fluorescent lights. This is our first year doing this, so the room will be very simply furnished.

We will be using a guest room on the 4th floor, and the information desk will have the room number. The room number is also likely to be listed in the pocket program as well.

This room will have set hours:

Friday 4pm-10pm

Saturday 10am-10pm

Sunday 10am-10pm

Monday 10am-3pm

Tactile Tours!

We would like to hold another Tactile Tour of the Art Show (Saturday Morning 11:30am), and have a Tactile Tour of the Masquerade costumes (Sunday evening, Masquerade halftime), but we need to gauge interest before the convention to make sure we staff these appropriately.


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