Sign Policy Changes

There have been some changes to Arisia's sign policy that we wanted to make you aware of prior to your arrival at the con. This year we will be setting up several sign kiosks in various high-traffic locations around the hotel for your signs advertising open parties, highlighting your performances, and anything else you want to let the whole convention know about! These kiosks are the ONLY places you will be allowed to hang such signs throughout the hotel, and any non-official signs hung in the elevators, lobby, hallways, and stairwells will be promptly removed.

ASL at Arisia

We will be offering limited ASL interpretation at Arisia this year, by request. We have reserved the services of two interpreters for Saturday and Sunday, 10am-5pm (and they'll need a break for lunch in there somewhere). However, if you need ASL interpretation, we must know by 12/31 or we will have to cancel the reservation. Please email for details, or if you are interested in volunteering or taking advantage of this service.


Films Schedule Up!

There are only a few science fiction conventions that still show films in 35mm, and Arisia is one of them. The Arisia films program got kudos in a blog post at We're glad to see Baikonur and the rest of the film rarities that will be shown Arisia weekend deserve their recognition.

Don't forget the silent movie Friday night, with a live organ accompaniment - an Arisia tradition.

December Concom meeting is this Sunday

The December (i.e. next-to-last) concom meeting will be this coming Sunday, from 3pm, at the Westin Waterfront. Stone meeting room.

There will also be a Corporate meeting in the same location starting at 1PM. Please don't confuse the two. The Corporate meeting is open to the public but if you are there for the Concom please wait until the Corporate meeting is over before going in.

If you want to have an item on the agenda for the Concom meeting you must have your item approved in advance; email


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