Sign Policy Changes

There have been some changes to Arisia's sign policy that we wanted to make you aware of prior to your arrival at the con. This year we will be setting up several sign kiosks in various high-traffic locations around the hotel for your signs advertising open parties, highlighting your performances, and anything else you want to let the whole convention know about! These kiosks are the ONLY places you will be allowed to hang such signs throughout the hotel, and any non-official signs hung in the elevators, lobby, hallways, and stairwells will be promptly removed.

The following locations are where we expect to set up sign kiosks, but they may change or be added to once we're on-site:
* On the concourse level across from Coat Check
* On the conference hallway, nearby the Volunteer Lounge
* On the the mezzanine balcony, near Registration
* On the harbor ballroom level, near Gaming and Fan Tables
* On the galleria level, near the escalators and Artist/Author Alley
* Inside the galleria space, probably near Con Suite
* On the 4th floor of the guest room tower which will house Teen Lounge, the quiet room, and many open parties
* On the 15th floor of the guest room tower (staff floor)