Meeting notes from Sept 9 are now available

The meeting notes from the 9/9 Concom and Volunteer orientation meeting are now available. Please let me know if you see any errors.,_2012:_Concom_meeting

Restaurant Recommendation Discussion

Do you have any recommendations of great places to eat in the area of the Westin Waterfront? Come join the discussion on the forums.

~Emily, one of the Arisia Forums Moderators

Masquerade on Sunday!

This year, the Masquerade will be performed on Sunday night, January 20th, instead of Saturday night. The bulk of rehearsals will still be on Saturday.

More details will soon be posted on the Masquerade page.

Attention Dealers!

Our Dealer FAQ is online now. It will direct you to the dealer questionnaire and how to pay for your space.

Brainstorming is closing soon

Arisia is so awesome, we just have to get started on programming in August! For getting ideas for Programming we've created a Brainstorm web forum.

Unlike the old mailing list, which has been retired, this year the Brainstorm forum will stay open year-round. Would you like to suggest Programming ideas for the upcoming convention?


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