First Aid at Arisia

Arisia will have two First Aid stations.

Sharing space with Arisia Security in Faneuil (3W) on the Mezzanine will be a First Aid station that is open 24-hours.

During the days, there will also be a First Aid station in the Harbor Foyer (3E).

However, in case of medical emergency call 911.

Online Registration Closing

Online Registration is closing at 11:59 pm Monday Jan 14, 2013. After that point, all registration will have to be done at the door. will still be available to answer questions and solve registration issues, as well as roll over memberships to next year due to the flu.

Art Show Docent Tours!

There will be two very different Docent Tours occurring in the Art Show on Saturday, January 19th. Pre-sign-up is required for both as only a limited number of participants will be allowed for each tour.

Saturday, January 19th 11AM – Noon. Tactile tour led by Fabrisse. This is a tour for those with limited vision. To sign up contact

Support for Arisia Attendees

Arisia is committed to being a diverse and inclusive event that attempts to provide accommodation for people with disabilities. You can find more information at

Guidebook app is now available!

Install the Guidebook app, click on "Download Guides", search for "Arisia", wait one beat to let both the 2012 and 2013 guidebooks show up, click on "Arisia 2013".

Currently, cross-links between participants and schedule entries aren't working yet but we do intend to correct that. We will also be enabling the Twitter tool.


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