Operation Hammond

Arisia 2013 is pleased to welcome back Operation Hammond. They will be providing first aid, training, and outreach. Stop by their table on the Harbor Ballroom level during the day or Ops/Security/OperationHammond in the Faneuil Room 24 hours a day. In addition plans are underway for an auction and a raffle to benefit Operation Hammond.

Arisia Lightning Presentations - 11/30 Signup Deadline!

What are they?

What's your passion? Arisia would like you to share something that inspires you in one of our Lightning Presentations. This program was inspired by TED talks and performances and the excitement they provoke. Come and listen and find out what we want to share.

How can I participate?

Fill out this form - http://2013.arisia.org/LightningTalksSignup

Con or Bust!

Arisia is proud to be supporting con or bust this year with a donation of two memberships and one hotel room.

Con or bust is now taking requests from fans of color/non-white fans for assistance to attend SFF cons in January, February, and March 2013 (which includes Arisia). Details on requesting assistance are, as always, here: http://con-or-bust.livejournal.com/87208.html

Participant Bio Information

If you have a bio going into the Arisia pamphlet, you should be warned that each individual will get a paragraph, and therefore there will be some squishing for anyone who has given us a longer entry. Contact programming if you wish to make any adjustments.


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