Featured Panels & Events

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3:00pm Arisia's First E-Gaming Room — Carlton (3E)
8:00pm Marvel's The Avengers — Stone (2)
8:30pm Introduction to Arisia — Alcott (3W)
8:30pm Nexus Elements LARP: Session 1 — Grand C (1W)
10:00pm Ceilidh: Music Party with Emerald Rose — Webster (2)
10:00pm The Day the Earth Stood Still — Grand AB (1W)
10:10pm The Lost World: Silent Movie — Harbor III (3E)
12:00am The Rocky Horror Picture Show — Grand AB (1W)


9:00am Tai Chi — Commonwealth ABC (1W)
10:20am Patlabor: The Movie — Stone (2)
11:00am The Movie Year in Review — Harbor III (3E)
1:00pm Author Guests of Honor Reading — Burroughs (3E)
1:00pm Docent Tour with Roger Dean — Galleria—Art Show
2:00pm Etheraz—Kingdom of the Flame Youth LARP — Commonwealth ABC (1W)
2:15pm John Carter — Harbor III (3E)
3:00pm The Nightmare Before Christmas — Grand AB (1W)
4:35pm UnAired Pilot—The Big Bang Theory — Stone (2)
5:00pm Hallucinating Shakespeare — Harbor II (3E)
5:30pm Making a Video Game 101 — Carlton (3E)
7:00pm Dueling Easels with Roger Dean — Griffin (3E)
7:00pm Power Point Karaoke — Harbor II (3E)
8:00pm Emerald Rose Concert — Grand AB (1W)
9:00pm God's Puzzle — Stone (2)
11:00pm Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog — Grand AB (1W)
12:00am Commentary! The Musical — Grand AB (1W)
1:00am Buffy: Once More with Feeling — Grand AB (1W)


8:20am Ark 2010 (webisodes) — Stone (2)
9:00am Tai Chi — Commonwealth ABC (1W)
10:00am Realms LARP: The Frontier — Grand C (1W)
11:00am TV Year in Review — Harbor III (3E)
11:00am Roger Dean Presents: The Art of Roger Dean — Grand DE (1W)
11:30am Dark Matter, a Decade Later — Otis (2)
12:00pm Lightning Talks — Grand AB (1W)
1:00pm Technology and the GM — Carlton (3E)
1:00pm Emerald Rose: Celtic Ballads and Story Songs — Grand DE (1W)
2:00pm Spencer Hill Zombie Party — Harbor II (3E)
2:30pm Lifewriting Workshop with Steven Barnes — Otis (2)
4:00pm Beekeeping 101 — Alcott (3W)
4:00pm Piscis Volans Circus — Grand DE (1W)
6:00pm Anarchist Pep Rally — Harbor II (3E)
8:00pm The Masquerade — Grand AB (1W)
8:20pm Bunraku — Stone (2)
8:30pm Why Zombies? Why Now? — Burroughs (3E)
12:00am Repo the Genetic Opera — Grand AB (1W)


9:00am Audience Choice Film — Harbor III (3E)
9:30am Going Boldly (Web) — Stone (2)
10:00am Arisia Maker Showcase — Harbor II (3E)
11:30am Operation Hammond Auction and Raffle Drawing — Carlton (3E)