Volunteer Information

Volunteers are the essential threads that weave together a convention. Without volunteers, we wouldn't have the convention that is Arisia. Everyone, from our Corporate President to the Convention Chair to the person who has just an hour at the convention to give, is an unpaid volunteer who's giving his or her time to help make the Arisia Convention a success.

The Volunteer Lounge has moved to a new location for Arisia 2013. You can find us in the Quincy room on the lobby level, near Starbucks. Be sure to come in for your timesheet, Arisia water bottle, t-shirt, and nifty swag. Hang out and help decorate the Arisia 2013 staff poster. Volunteer Lounge is also where you can obtain your official volunteer, staff, and other Arisia ribbons.

If you are signed up for the space pilot program this year, please report to the Volunteer Lounge after noon on Friday of the convention to claim room keys.

Get Free Stuff:
Working even one hour at Arisia this year means you can get some cool swag, like an Arisia water bottle!

Volunteers who work eight hours will get a free T-shirt at the convention (only available to volunteers).

Volunteers who work twelve or more hours earn a free membership to next year's convention.

Volunteers who help on Wednesday (truck loading), Thursday (load-in and set-up), Friday (load-in and set-up ONLY, generally until 3 PM), Monday (tear-down and load-out ONLY, generally after 3 PM) or Tuesday (load-out and truck unloading) will get those hours doubled. You could earn all your hours for a free membership for Arisia 2014 and never miss a minute of Arisia 2013!!

You may not transfer an earned membership.

Find Out More:

Many of the volunteer Frequently Asked Questions are answered on our staff site in the volunteer FAQ. If you have questions contact us at volunteers@arisia.org.

Our staff meetings prior to the convention are now complete, but we will have a public debrief meeting in February. Watch the homepage for more info, or email volunteers@arisia.org for an update.

Time Sheet

If you worked for Arisia, it's not too late (or too early) to submit a time sheet. If you lost your time sheet, you can download a new one: PDF 105KB or DOC 180KB.