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Friday Afternoon

Alcott (3W) Food, Booze, and Caffeine, Oh My! First Aid and Lifesaving Art and Science: The Collaborations
Adams (3W) DC's New 52: Year Two and Second Wave
Bullfinch (3W) How to Give an Effective Reading
Douglas (3W) Could a Technocracy Work?
Board Room (3W) Judging and Being Judged in Costume Contests
Hale (3W) The Mind of the Nerd: Psychology and Fandom  
Burroughs (3E) Science in Politics
Carlton (3E) Arisia's First E-Gaming Room
Griffin (3E) Bards in History
Independence (3E) Crafts for Adults: Working with Clay
Harbor I (3E) Learn how to play;
Game of Thrones 2nd Edition;
Pathfinder RPG
Harbor III (3E) Fantastic Planet  Baikonur
Otis (2) Best of the Small Press
Paine (2) Crunchyroll
Stone (2) Key the Metal Idol Serial Experiments Lain
Lobby (2) Blood Drive Signup
Commonwealth ABC (1W) Contra Dance

Friday Evening

Alcott (3W)The Man Who Sold the Moon Introduction to Arisia Eat Your Vegetables  
Adams (3W)Comics Year in Review Insanity and Evil in Comics When Comics Creators Go Off the Deep End  
Bullfinch (3W)A Hero Like Me Worldbuilding with the Soft Sciences Self-Editing Your Sci-Fi/Fantasy Novel  
Douglas (3W)The Nature of Gender: Past, Present and Future Diversity and Inclusion BDSM 101: A Beginner's Guide BDSM 201: Hurting the Ones You Love
Board Room (3W)Age and Treachery: The Older Fan The Role of Art in the E-Book Era Bringing Zombies to Life  
Hale (3W)Charlene Brusso, C.S.E. Cooney, Justine Graykin Keith R. A. DeCandido, Charles E. Gannon, Suzanne Palmer Michael Anderson, John Bowker, Connie Wilkins Cecilia Tan Erotic Fantasy/SF Reading
Burroughs (3E)Creating Art: Learned or Innate?  Drum and Dance at Arisia  
Carlton (3E)Arisia's First E-Gaming Room (3pm)  
Griffin (3E)Humor and Fandom Non-Monogamy: A Diverse Set of Options Invisible Fangirls  
Independence (3E)Wargames Build a Siege Engine What Are Makerspaces?  
Harbor I (3E)Rails of New England;
Slip Through Their Fingers
Rails of New England;
Slip Through Their Fingers;
Torchwood Toronto;
Trailer Park Wars
Cards Against Humanity Boston: Elder Machinations I Love the Smell of Xenomorphs in the Morning
Harbor II (3E)Kill Your Darlings Costume Makeup Basics  
Harbor III (3E)Baikonur (6:05pm)  The Man in the White Suit  The Lost World: Silent Movie  
Otis (2)Facing the Prejudice of Giants Vampires: Fear of the Other, Fear of the Body Papi Chulo to Papi Cthulhu—Latino/as in SFF  
Paine (2)Anime Under the Influence The Ultimate Fullmetal Alchemist Fan Panel Displacement in Literature The Best and Worse of Hentai
Revere (2)Fairy Tales on Film and TV Species as a Metaphor for Race Introduction to LARPing Doctor Who: Companions Through the Ages
Stone (2)Serial Experiments Lain (5:55pm) Marvel's The Avengers The Cabin in the Woods Suck
Webster (2)Pick, Pass, Play Open Filk NESFA Songbook Sing-along Ceilidh: Music Party with Emerald Rose Unmoderated Open Filk
Lobby (2)Blood Drive Signup (4pm)  
Grand AB (1W)Working with Tech Sound System Tuning and Subwoofer Arrays;
Learn/Assist with shooting a Live TV Show
Learn/Assist with shooting a Live TV Show The Day the Earth Stood Still  The Rocky Horror Picture Show
Grand C (1W) Nexus Elements LARP: Session 1  
Grand DE (1W) Faebotica Concert  
Commonwealth ABC (1W)Contra Dance (6pm)  Techno Contradance Video Game Dance

Friday Late Night

Harbor I (3E)I Love the Smell of Xenomorphs in the Morning (12am)  
Stone (2)Suck (12:10am) The Man From the Future Never Let Me Go Death Defying Acts The Reptile (1966)
Webster (2)Unmoderated Open Filk (12am)  
Grand AB (1W)The Rocky Horror Picture Show (12am)  
Commonwealth ABC (1W)Video Game Dance (11pm)  

Saturday Morning

Alcott (3W) The Future of the City Science Year in Review
Adams (3W) All About the Masquerade Stage Presentation: A Minute or Less to Impress
Bullfinch (3W) Punching Up the Action Sex, SF/F, & Racial Stereotypes
Douglas (3W) Volunteer Teaching Opportunities Paganism 101
Board Room (3W) Art Education Artists as Entrepreneurial Heroes
Hale (3W) Daniel P. Dern, Resa Nelson, Richard A. Silva Cambridge SF Workshop Flash Fiction Reading
Burroughs (3E) All About Kickstarter Convention Feedback 1
Carlton (3E) Arisia's First E-Gaming Room
Griffin (3E) Disability and Fandom Rousing Chorus Songs
Independence (3E) Chainmail 101 Making Stained Glass Stitch 'n' Bitch
Harbor I (3E) Star Trek DS9: Pale Moonlight Pt 2 Pathfinder RPG;
Settlers of Catan
Learn how to play;
Learn how to play;
Traveller 5: Cirque
Return to Ravnica Booster Drafts Small World;
Alien Wars;
The Alexandria Mystery;
Baby, it's Cold Inside!;
Mage Wars
Harbor II (3E) The Cutting Truth of the Sword A Gaslamp Grand Assault of Arms Salem Zouaves  
Harbor III (3E) Digby: The Biggest Dog in the World The Jetsons: Good Little Scout The Movie Year in Review Baikonur (Second Showing)
Otis (2) Faeries of Color: Tales of the Fae Beyond Europe  Ray Bradbury: A Retrospective More than One Way to Traumatize a Character
Paine (2) Discworld at 30 Raising Geeky Kids in a Non-Geeky World Geeky Babes & Hunks: Physical Beauty and Fandom
Revere (2) The Hunger Games Gender and Gaming
Stone (2)The Reptile (1966) (6:40am) Tom and Jerry and the Wizard of Oz The Wonderful Wizard of Oz (1910) Dragonball Episodes 1 & 2 Patlabor: The Movie All-Star Superman
Hancock (2) Table Top RPG with Damien;
Geeky Play Date
How to Write Your Own Stories  
Webster (2) Swords of Chivalry 1 Kamikaze Costuming;
Make a Drum/Drum Circle Workshop;
Belly Dancing for Beginners
Kamikaze Costuming
Lobby (2) Blood Drive
Grand DE (1W) Walk the Labyrinth  Sassafrass and Stranger Ways concert
Commonwealth ABC (1W) Tai Chi Dubstep Yoga  Cross-Step Waltz for Dummies
Autograph Space (1W) Debra Doyle, Andrew Kirschbaum, Gail Z. Martin Charles E. Gannon, Kimberley Long-Ewing, Steve Sawicki
Art Show (1E) Tactile Tour of the Art Show

Saturday Afternoon

Alcott (3W)Roots of SF/F Design The Science of Food Isaac Newton: The Last Magical Alchemist Future Directions in Personal Computing
Adams (3W)Violence Against Women and Children in Comics Female Fandom in Comics Victorian Costuming Fanfiction: Where to Find It and What It Means
Bullfinch (3W)Self-Publishing 101: Distribution Resources Write What You Know? Worldbuilding 101 Promoting Your Book
Douglas (3W)Being a Sex-Positive Parent Poly 101: An Introduction Poly 201: Theory and Practice Flirt Like a Pro
Board Room (3W)Costume Documentation Sewing Patterns: How to Use, Modify, and Draft Tom Fish Memorial Casting for Costuming
Hale (3W)Comic Reading Andrea Hairston, Jennifer Pelland, Hildy Silverman Victoria Janssen, Daniel José Older, Sonya Taaffe Genevieve Iseult Eldredge, Kiini Ibura Salaam
Burroughs (3E)Author Guests of Honor Reading Avatar: Legend of Korra Forming a Musical Group Inspired By
Carlton (3E)Arisia's First E-Gaming Room (10am)  Making a Video Game 101
Griffin (3E)Geeks and Music: Beyond Filk Who, Me, a Songwriter? Filk 101 Song Circle Singing for Non-Singers
Independence (3E)Beyond Dice and Hit Points 3D Printing: What's Next? Cross Casting and Gender in Gaming Art Exchange Prep 1
Harbor I (3E)Small World (12pm);
Alien Wars (12pm);
The Alexandria Mystery (12pm);
Baby, it's Cold Inside! (12pm);
Mage Wars (12pm)
Circus Maximus;
Power Grid;
Beware the Auditors;
Pathfinder RPG;
Game of Thrones 2nd Edition
Intro to Blackjack;
Alien Wars;
Return to Ravnica Booster Drafts
Zpocalypse Jailbreak!;
Pathfinder RPG
Harbor II (3E)Improbable Research and the Ig Nobel Prizes  Proper Ladies Meet Bawdy Ladies, or Of Vice & Men Hallucinating Shakespeare  
Harbor III (3E)Baikonur (Second Showing) (12:30pm)  John Carter  Crack In the World  
Otis (2)Hoodoo, Voodoo & the Bullshit That Authors Do The Body of the Future Trans* and Gender Variant SF Greatest History Never Altered
Paine (2)Back in MY Day… Anime Asian Ball-Jointed Dolls 20 Years of Sailor Moon Anime Cons: Behind the Scenes
Revere (2)Worst Episode Ever Portal: Beyond the Cake Doctor Who at 50 Everything's a Reboot
Stone (2)All-Star Superman (12pm) Nine Science Lecture Shorts Dating Rules from My Future Self UnAired Pilot—The Big Bang Theory Schrödinger's Girl Star Dreamer
Hancock (2)Table Top RPG with Damien;
Tales of Wonder and Magic;
Steampunk Make and Takes;
Origami Fun
What Do You Mean, 10 and Up?;
The World of Ang and Korra;
The Black Box
Bedtime Stories That End Badly;
Cartooning & Comic Creating
Webster (2)Magic Show Part 1 Bernoulli Derby I've Got All the Balls in the Air, Now What?;
Flying High with Paper
Lobby (2)Blood Drive (10am)  
Grand AB (1W) The Nightmare Before Christmas  
Grand C (1W)Nexus Elements LARP: Session 2  
Grand DE (1W)Sassafrass and Stranger Ways concert (12pm) Psyche Corp concert  Belly Dance Show
Commonwealth ABC (1W)Cross-Step Waltz for Experienced Folk Etheraz—Kingdom of the Flame Youth LARP  
Autograph Space (1W)Dr.Chris, Brandon Easton, PJ Letersky C.S.E. Cooney, Cecilia Tan James L. Cambias, Walter Hunt, Daniel M. Kimmel Adrianne Brennan, Sabrina Vourvoulias
Art Show (1E)Docent Tour with Roger Dean  

Saturday Evening

Alcott (3W)Lies, Damned Lies, and Statistics Zombies: Victims of Parasites? Animals that Defy Intelligent Design  
Adams (3W)Wonder Woman Race, Gender, and Disability in Comics Creating Minicomics  
Bullfinch (3W)Point of View Plot and Structure Adult vs. YA SF/F  
Douglas (3W)Self-Objectification and the Geeky Girl Negotiation and BDSM Getting Started in the Public BDSM Scene Fun With Rope
Board Room (3W)So You Want to Run a LARP? The New Board Game Classics The Transit of Venus  
Hale (3W)Kelly Hashway, David Nurenberg, Margaret Ronald Forest Handford, Robert V.S. Redick, Sabrina Vourvoulias Susan Hanniford Crowley, Randee Dawn, Steve Sawicki  
Burroughs (3E)Song Contest: Doom, Gloom, and Despondency Sandman's 25th Anniversary Running Great Games Death in Gaming
Griffin (3E)Dueling Easels with Roger Dean Pick, Pass, Play Open Filk Theme Circle: Chantey Sing Unmoderated Open Filk
Independence (3E)Introduction to Tabletop Roleplaying How to Go Pro as a Maker Arduino For Beginners Make a Scale Flower
Harbor I (3E)Blackjack Tournament;
Rails of New England
Game of Thrones 2nd Edition: Dance of Dragons
Harbor II (3E)Power Point Karaoke  Devo Spice I Game Show: In-Character Speed Dating  
Harbor III (3E)NASA Vortex Research  First Spaceship On Venus  ST:TOS: Space Seed Starship Eros (X-rated Movie)
Otis (2)Innovation Starvation? Speculative Poetry Reading Morally Ambiguous Characters Changing Face of Fiction: Diversity and Backlash  
Paine (2)Fannish Disaster Prepardness Cyborgs, Identity, and Ghost in the Shell The Voice of the Machine What Anime is New Now?
Revere (2)Crafting Spirits: Home Brewing and Distilling Bad Superhero Films A History of Horror Films The Exorcist at 40
Stone (2) Battlestar Galactica: Blood & Chrome God's Puzzle  Dreams With Sharp Teeth
Grand AB (1W) Emerald Rose Concert  Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog Commentary! The Musical
Grand C (1W)LARP Adventure Program: Faros Boston By Night—Mind's Eye Theater LARP
Grand DE (1W)Belly Dance Show (6pm)  Dance Club—Video Room
Commonwealth BC (1W) Dance Club—Main Room

Saturday Late Night

Griffin (3E)Unmoderated Open Filk (11:30pm)  
Harbor III (3E)Starship Eros (X-rated Movie) (12am)  
Stone (2)The Dead Inside (12:50am) Rock & Rule Another Earth Vampires
Grand AB (1W)Buffy: Once More with Feeling  
Grand C (1W)Boston By Night—Mind's Eye Theater LARP (10pm)  
Grand DE (1W)Dance Club—Video Room (10pm)  
Commonwealth BC (1W)Dance Club—Main Room (10pm)  

Sunday Morning

Alcott (3W) Forward the Corporation Birding 101
Adams (3W) Getting Ideas for Costumes and Presentations Northern Lights Costumers' Guild Meet-up
Bullfinch (3W) Character Building Fairy Tales and Folklore in Modern Literature
Douglas (3W) Home-Based Business and Children Getting Involved with Your Local Fan Community
Board Room (3W) RPG Gaming: Rails vs. Sandbox Cooperative Games
Hale (3W) Debra Doyle, Daniel M. Kimmel, David Axel Kurtz Broad Universe Rapid-Fire Reading
Burroughs (3E) Time for Tea Transportation and the Future How to Be a Fan of Problematic Things
Carlton (3E) Arisia's First E-Gaming Room
Griffin (3E) The Myth and Reality of Fannish Tolerance What's so Special About Filk?
Independence (3E) Make a Renfair Rosette Crafts for Adults: Fingerpainting Mail 'n' Flail
Harbor I (3E) Estia: The Isle of Giants Pathfinder RPG Learn how to play;
Learn how to play;
Return to Ravnica Booster Drafts A Different Kind of Rescue;
Blast Off in T-Minus
Harbor II (3E) Unfair Fights and Dirty Tricks  Getting Medieval with the Rapier  
Harbor III (3E) X-15 TV Year in Review Extra-Bad Film: Fire Monster vs. Son of Hercules;
The UFO Experience
Otis (2) Disabilities in Science Fiction  Contemporary Fantasy Outside the City Limits Dark Matter, a Decade Later
Paine (2) When Faith and Science Meet Queer SF/F Child-Safe Anime
Revere (2) Horror for Kids We Control The Horizontal: The Outer Limits at 50
Stone (2)Stella Starcrash (6:50am) Ark 2010 (webisodes) Princess Nine Bubblegum Crisis This Week on Brit TV
Hancock (2) Table Top RPG with Damien;
Geeky Play Date
MyChip Child ID;
Play with Clay;
Share Your Fave Books
Webster (2) Kamikaze Costuming: Props Days of Lightning Balloon Car Rally
Lobby (2) Blood Drive
Grand AB (1W) Mass Bay Colony Pikemen  Lightning Talks
Grand C (1W) Realms LARP: The Frontier
Grand DE (1W) The Nature of Creativity Roger Dean Presents: The Art of Roger Dean  
Commonwealth ABC (1W) Tai Chi Yoga using ropes  
Autograph Space (1W) Anna Erishkigal, Elaine Isaak, Alex Lidell Susan Hanniford Crowley, Rhea Ewing, Gordon Linzner

Sunday Afternoon

Alcott (3W)Kessler's Nightmare: Space Debris Dilemma A Moebius Retrospective Beekeeping 101 Forensic Science and Criminal Justice
Adams (3W)50 Years of X-Men Costume Recreation: Bringing the Screen to Life No Capes! Non-Superhero Comics Sexuality in Comics
Bullfinch (3W)Keeping Track of the Action Erasure is Not Equality Everything You Know is Wrong Pulling the Emotional Strings
Douglas (3W)Poly Parenting Coming Out Building a Poly Home Our Other Obsessions
Board Room (3W)Costuming to Body Type The Arisia Book Club: Reading the Hugos Fashion Throughout History Strong Stories with Strong Parents
Hale (3W)Erik Amundsen, Shira Lipkin, Julia Rios Gordon Linzner, James D. Macdonald, Don Sakers Abby Hafer, Walter Hunt, Andrew Kirschbaum Alex Feinman, Greer Gilman, Alex Lidell
Pool (3W)Panel in the Pool  
Burroughs (3E)Steampunk and Costuming The Psychology of Villainy Arisia Corporate Meeting Designing a Memorable Roleplaying Character
Carlton (3E)Technology and the GM  
Griffin (3E)Theme Circle: Humorous Songs Sing-Along: The Best of New Filk Braiding Voices: Singing Rounds & Related Forms Delsarte Technique: Victorian Oratory
Independence (3E)Foodcraft: How Science Can Reinvent Your Kitchen Art Exchange Prep 2 Skin Painting Origami: The Art of Paperfolding
Harbor I (3E)Grueling Gaming Tournament Grueling Gaming Tournament;
Pathfinder RPG
Learn how to play Return to Ravnica Booster Drafts;
Imaginary Friends;
The Pyramid of Skulls
Pathfinder RPG
Harbor II (3E) Spencer Hill Zombie Party  Anarchist Pep Rally
Harbor III (3E)Extra-Bad Film: Fire Monster vs. Son of Hercules (12:15pm);
The UFO Experience (12:30pm)
Make Me Psychic Golgo 13: The Professional  The Electric Grandmother  Classic Trailer Park
Otis (2)YA You Want to Read Lifewriting Workshop with Steven Barnes Future Fantasy Asexuality and Asexual Characters in SF
Paine (2)Manga & Anime Art Workshop Magickal Traditions: A Review Beyond Binary: Exploring Gender Via SF/Fantasy Avoiding Culturefail
Revere (2)The Hobbit Gaming Year in Review Beyond the Fringe Game of Thrones
Stone (2)This Week on Brit TV (12pm) Safety Not Guaranteed FAQ About Time Travel  Technotise: Edit & I Dating the Enemy
Hancock (2)Make and Take—Tie-Dyed Butterfly;
Table Top RPG with Damien;
Origami/Papercraft Workshop
Make and Take—Tie-Dyed Butterfly;
Table Top RPG with Damien
Science Experiments;
Drawing Manga for Beginners;
Learn to Knit
Table Top RPG with Damien  
Webster (2) Spoon-A-Pults;
Dungeon and Mazes
Nerf War Support  
Lobby (2)Blood Drive (10am)  
Grand AB (1W)Lightning Talks (12pm)  
Grand C (1W)Realms LARP: The Frontier (10am)  
Grand DE (1W)Emerald Rose: Celtic Ballads and Story Songs Psyche Corp  Piscis Volans Circus  
Commonwealth ABC (1W) SCA/Renaissance Dance Walk the Labyrinth
Autograph Space (1W)Vylar Kaftan, Don Sakers Keith R. A. DeCandido, Daniel José Older Catherine Kane, Jennifer Pelland, Kiini Ibura Salaam Greg R. Fishbone
Art Show (1E) Art Show Auction  

Sunday Evening

Alcott (3W)Medicine in Science Fiction and Science Fact The Bolos are Coming! The 100-Year Starship Project  
Adams (3W)Comic Book Legal Defense Fund Diversity in the Audience Webcomics for Everyone's Stories The Eye of Argon
Bullfinch (3W)Are Rules Meant to be Broken? Writing and the Law Self-Publishing 202: Independent Press  
Douglas (3W)Have We Arrived? Alternative Lifestyles and Fandom Introduction to Power Exchange Home Depot in the Bedroom
Board Room (3W)Interstitial Arts: A Discussion Speculative Fiction on Stage The Record 2012 Open Arctic  
Hale (3W) Joy Marchand, Daniel Rabuzzi Ed Fuqua, Catherine Kane  
Burroughs (3E)Addressing Sexual Harassment in Our Communities Why Zombies? Why Now? The Dark Lords  
Griffin (3E)Bawdy Song Circle Pick, Pass, Play Open Filk Pick, Pass, Play Open Filk Unmoderated Open Filk
Independence (3E)Art Cars: A Primer Worldbuilding for Games The Future of Rapid Prototyping Technology  
Harbor I (3E)Rails of New England  
Harbor II (3E) Devo Spice II  
Harbor III (3E)Classic Trailer Park (6pm) Looper  John Carter  
Otis (2)Healthcare in Speculative Fiction Speculative Poetry is Awesome Unreliable Narrators in Speculative Fiction Um, It's Complicated: Relationships in SF/F
Paine (2)Race and Identity in SF/F Fans as Agents of Social Service Is Western Animation Finally Catching Up? 50th Anniversary of Classic Anime
Revere (2)Prometheus and the Alien Series Doctor Who: The Dissertation of the Daleks GM Helpline  
Stone (2)Dating the Enemy (6:40pm) Bunraku Poligamy Ronal the Barbarian
Webster (2)NERF Gun War  
Grand AB (1W)Masquerade doors open for seating The Masquerade  Repo the Genetic Opera

Sunday Late Night

Griffin (3E)Unmoderated Open Filk (11:30pm)  
Stone (2)Ronal the Barbarian (11:50pm) Khottabych Extraterrestrial Crowley Hinokio: Inter Galactic Love
Grand AB (1W)Repo the Genetic Opera (12am)  

Monday Morning

Alcott (3W) It's Metric, Baby! Alternative Energy
Adams (3W) Short Fiction: Why Is It So Awesome? Elseworlds and What-Ifs
Bullfinch (3W) YA Books for Adult Readers Caught in the Slipstream: Fiction Between Genres Weird Worlds
Douglas (3W) Biophilia and the Cities of the Future The Undead and the People That Love Them
Board Room (3W) Wigs for Costuming Masquerade Debrief
Hale (3W) Dr.Chris, Vylar Kaftan, Stephen R. Wilk
Burroughs (3E) How Fans Hurt and Help Public Faces of Fandom Goth Fans: Beyond the Black
Carlton (3E) Poly in Sci-Fi Operation Hammond Auction and Raffle Drawing
Griffin (3E) Bullying in Fandom  
Independence (3E) Costuming for LARPs Magic: The Gathering at Twenty
Harbor I (3E) Learn how to play The Day Ponyville Stood Still;
Pathfinder RPG
Harbor II (3E) Arisia Maker Showcase
Harbor III (3E) Audience Choice Film  
Otis (2) What SF/F Series Should I Begin With? The Perils of Near-Future Science Fiction
Paine (2) Anime for Bakas Asian Folklore in Modern Anime
Revere (2) All Together Now: Yellow Submarine at 45 The Avengers
Stone (2)Hinokio: Inter Galactic Love (6:10am) Daddy, I Am a Zombie Justice League: Doom HD Trailers
Hancock (2) Table Top RPG with Damien;
Geeky Play Date
Gimp Basics;
Quilting Basics
Make it in Clay;
It's Storigami
Webster (2) Swords of Chivalry 2 Pirate Time! Build a Song Sing-a-Long;
Creepy Crawlies Time!
Commonwealth ABC (1W) Vinyasa Flow Yoga  

Monday Afternoon

Alcott (3W)My Cat Understands Me Alan Turing's Legacy: 100 Years Later  
Adams (3W)The Finite vs. the Open Ended Story Wild About Kirby  
Bullfinch (3W)The Horror of Our Youth Urban Fantasy & First-Person Narrators  
Douglas (3W)Alternative Activism Letting Your Geek Flag Fly  
Board Room (3W)Growing Old in an Adventure-Filled World  
Hale (3W)Inanna Arthen, Michelle D'Entremont  
Burroughs (3E)Convention Feedback 2  
Carlton (3E)Operation Hammond Auction and Raffle Drawing (11:30am)  
Griffin (3E)Theme Circle: Ballads of the Supernatural Dead Dog Open Filk
Independence (3E)Steve Jackson Games v. U.S. Secret Service  
Harbor I (3E)Rails of New England Rails of New England;
Pathfinder RPG
Pathfinder RPG  
Harbor II (3E)Arisia Maker Showcase (10am)  
Otis (2)How Do We Pay for the Future? Housekeeping for Nerds  
Paine (2)Archery: The New Old Sport? The Ephemeral City  
Revere (2)John Carter: What Happened?  

Monday Evening

Griffin (3E)Dead Dog Open Filk (2:30pm)