Stepping boldly into the next generation of entertainment, Arisia will become a live web broadcaster in the E-Gaming Room this year. Enjoy time in competition with other e-gamers and support the competitions that we'll run throughout the convention. Are you an outstanding player? Contact us at games@arisia.org to receive a comp membership for you to show off your talents! We'll be exploring some of the newest ways that Science Fiction and Fantasy stories are delivered, including discussions and showings of the storied games of Halo, Mass Effect, and many others.

We'll have 16 game consoles

8 Modern Consoles: Xbox 360s, PS3s, even a Wii-U!
8 Classics: Dreamcast, Sega Genesis, SNES, NES
A tabletop surface PC with Civilization V on it
A Rock Band set up on one of those consoles<

And that's the light list. We'll have a nice mix of competitive games and cooperative games, casual and professional for all ages and play levels. Bring in a game to share and play for a while, or play what we have there.

We're going to be open:

Friday 10am-10pmish
Saturday 10am-10pmish
Sunday 10am-5pm sharp

The set up is being provided by James York of Game Underground in Framingham, MA http://www.Game-Underground.com