Arisia Lightning Presentations Invite

Deadline Extended! Please sign up by Dec 5th

What are they?

What's your passion?   Arisia would like you to share something that inspires you in one of our Lightning Presentations.  This program was inspired by TED talks and performances and the excitement they provoke.  Come and listen and find out what we want to share.

How can I participate?

Sign up using our signup form.

Here are the restrictions:

  • All presentations are five minutes in length, no matter the subject or presentation style.  PowerPoint or Open Office slides are welcomed.  Other creative formats are possible -- readings, short videos, dramatic, musical, or dance presentations.  It still has to be FIVE minutes
  • Everyone is a potential audience member, so please keep sex and/or violence to PG-13 or less.  
  • This isn't recruiting, although networking with people who're interested by your talk is encouraged.   Just share with the audience why Foo is really cool!  
  • Your presentation may not be a commercial for your services or product.  

Not everyone who signs up will be chosen.  We are looking for variety.  We are looking for passion.  Perhaps we are looking for you.

Nuts and bolts:

We’ll post the time slot for the Lightning Presentations as soon as we know it. 

If you would like to participate, please fill out the form.