Schedule, by Track

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Fri 3:45pm Key the Metal Idol
Fri 5:30pm Crunchyroll
Fri 5:55pm Serial Experiments Lain
Fri 7:00pm Anime Under the Influence
Fri 8:30pm The Ultimate Fullmetal Alchemist Fan Panel
Fri 11:30pm The Best and Worse of Hentai
Sat 9:30am Dragonball Episodes 1 & 2
Sat 10:20am Patlabor: The Movie
Sat 1:00pm Back in MY Day… Anime
Sat 2:30pm Avatar: Legend of Korra
Sat 2:30pm Asian Ball-Jointed Dolls
Sat 4:00pm 20 Years of Sailor Moon
Sat 5:30pm Anime Cons: Behind the Scenes
Sat 8:30pm Cyborgs, Identity, and Ghost in the Shell
Sat 11:30pm What Anime is New Now?
Sun 9:10am Princess Nine
Sun 10:00am Bubblegum Crisis
Sun 11:30am Child-Safe Anime
Sun 1:00pm Manga & Anime Art Workshop
Sun 1:45pm Golgo 13: The Professional
Sun 10:00pm Is Western Animation Finally Catching Up?
Sun 11:30pm 50th Anniversary of Classic Anime
Mon 10:00am Anime for Bakas
Mon 11:30am Asian Folklore in Modern Anime


Fri 5:30pm Art and Science: The Collaborations
Fri 7:00pm Creating Art: Learned or Innate?
Fri 8:30pm The Role of Art in the E-Book Era
Sat 10:00am Art Education
Sat 11:30am Artists as Entrepreneurial Heroes
Sat 11:30am Tactile Tour of the Art Show
Sat 1:00pm Roots of SF/F Design
Sat 1:00pm Docent Tour with Roger Dean
Sat 7:00pm Dueling Easels with Roger Dean
Sun 2:30pm A Moebius Retrospective
Sun 4:00pm Art Show Auction


Sat 10:00am Autograph—Doyle, Kirschbaum, & Martin
Sat 11:30am Autograph—Gannon, Long-Ewing, Sawicki
Sat 1:00pm Autograph—Dr. Chris, Easton, & Letersky
Sat 2:30pm Autograph—Cooney & Tan
Sat 4:00pm Autograph—Cambias, Hunt, & Kimmel
Sat 5:30pm Autograph—Brennan & Vourvoulias
Sun 10:00am Autograph—Erishkigal, Isaak, & Lidell
Sun 11:30am Autograph—Crowley, Ewing, & Linzner
Sun 1:00pm Autograph—Kaftan & Sakers
Sun 2:30pm Autograph—DeCandido and Older
Sun 4:00pm Autograph—Kane, Pelland, & Salaam
Sun 5:30pm Autograph—Fishbone


Fri 5:30pm DC's New 52: Year Two and Second Wave
Fri 7:00pm Comics Year in Review
Fri 8:30pm Insanity and Evil in Comics
Fri 10:00pm When Comics Creators Go Off the Deep End
Sat 1:00pm Violence Against Women and Children in Comics
Sat 1:00pm Comic Reading
Sat 2:30pm Female Fandom in Comics
Sat 7:00pm Wonder Woman
Sat 8:30pm Race, Gender, and Disability in Comics
Sat 8:30pm Sandman's 25th Anniversary
Sat 10:00pm Creating Minicomics
Sun 1:00pm 50 Years of X-Men
Sun 4:00pm No Capes! Non-Superhero Comics
Sun 5:30pm Sexuality in Comics
Sun 7:00pm Comic Book Legal Defense Fund
Sun 8:30pm Diversity in the Audience
Sun 10:00pm Webcomics for Everyone's Stories
Mon 11:30am Elseworlds and What-Ifs
Mon 1:00pm The Finite vs. the Open Ended Story
Mon 2:30pm Wild About Kirby


Fri 8:30pm Diversity and Inclusion
Fri 8:30pm Non-Monogamy: A Diverse Set of Options
Fri 10:00pm BDSM 101: A Beginner's Guide
Fri 10:00pm Invisible Fangirls
Fri 11:30pm BDSM 201: Hurting the Ones You Love
Sat 10:00am Disability and Fandom
Sat 11:30am Paganism 101
Sat 1:00pm Being a Sex-Positive Parent
Sat 2:30pm Poly 101: An Introduction
Sat 4:00pm Poly 201: Theory and Practice
Sat 5:30pm Flirt Like a Pro
Sat 7:00pm Self-Objectification and the Geeky Girl
Sat 8:30pm Negotiation and BDSM
Sat 10:00pm Getting Started in the Public BDSM Scene
Sat 11:30pm Fun With Rope
Sun 10:00am The Myth and Reality of Fannish Tolerance
Sun 11:30am Getting Involved with Your Local Fan Community
Sun 1:00pm Poly Parenting
Sun 2:30pm Coming Out
Sun 2:30pm Magickal Traditions: A Review
Sun 4:00pm Building a Poly Home
Sun 7:00pm Addressing Sexual Harassment in Our Communities
Sun 8:30pm Alternative Lifestyles and Fandom
Sun 10:00pm Introduction to Power Exchange
Mon 10:00am Poly in Sci-Fi
Mon 10:00am Bullying in Fandom
Mon 1:00pm Alternative Activism


Fri 3:00pm Food, Booze, and Caffeine, Oh My!
Fri 4:00pm First Aid and Lifesaving
Fri 8:30pm Introduction to Arisia
Sat 11:30am Convention Feedback 1
Sun 4:00pm Arisia Corporate Meeting
Mon 1:00pm Convention Feedback 2


Fri 5:30pm Judging and Being Judged in Costume Contests
Fri 7:00pm Working with Tech
Fri 8:30pm Costume Makeup Basics
Fri 10:00pm Bringing Zombies to Life
Sat 10:00am All About the Masquerade
Sat 11:30am Stage Presentation: A Minute or Less to Impress
Sat 1:00pm Costume Documentation
Sat 2:30pm Sewing Patterns: How to Use, Modify, and Draft
Sat 4:00pm Victorian Costuming
Sat 5:30pm Casting for Costuming
Sun 10:00am Getting Ideas for Costumes and Presentations
Sun 11:30am Northern Lights Costumers' Guild Meet-up
Sun 1:00pm Costuming to Body Type
Sun 1:00pm Steampunk and Costuming
Sun 2:30pm Costume Recreation: Bringing the Screen to Life
Sun 4:00pm Fashion Throughout History
Mon 10:00am Wigs for Costuming
Mon 11:30am Masquerade Debrief


Fri 4:00pm Blood Drive Signup
Sat 10:00am Blood Drive
Sat 6:00pm Belly Dance Show
Sun 10:00am Blood Drive
Sun 2:00pm Spencer Hill Zombie Party
Sun 4:00pm Piscis Volans Circus
Sun 7:00pm Masquerade doors open for seating
Sun 8:00pm The Masquerade
Mon 11:30am Operation Hammond Auction and Raffle Drawing

Fan Interest

Fri 5:30pm Could a Technocracy Work?
Fri 5:30pm The Mind of the Nerd: Psychology and Fandom
Fri 5:30pm Science in Politics
Fri 5:30pm Bards in History
Fri 7:00pm The Nature of Gender: Past, Present and Future
Fri 7:00pm Age and Treachery: The Older Fan
Fri 7:00pm Humor and Fandom
Fri 10:00pm Films from Worldcon
Sat 9:00am The Cutting Truth of the Sword
Sat 9:00am Walk the Labyrinth
Sat 10:00am Volunteer Teaching Opportunities
Sat 10:00am All About Kickstarter
Sat 10:00am A Gaslamp Grand Assault of Arms
Sat 10:00am Raising Geeky Kids in a Non-Geeky World
Sat 10:00am Dubstep Yoga
Sat 11:00am Salem Zouaves
Sat 11:30am Geeky Babes & Hunks: Physical Beauty and Fandom
Sat 4:00pm Tom Fish Memorial
Sat 5:30pm Fanfiction: Where to Find It and What It Means
Sat 6:25pm Star Dreamer
Sat 7:00pm Fannish Disaster Prepardness
Sat 7:20pm Battlestar Galactica: Blood & Chrome
Sat 9:30pm Game Show: In-Character Speed Dating
Sat 10:00pm The Voice of the Machine
Sat 11:15pm Dreams With Sharp Teeth
Sun 8:30am Time for Tea
Sun 9:00am Unfair Fights and Dirty Tricks
Sun 10:00am Home-Based Business and Children
Sun 10:00am Transportation and the Future
Sun 10:00am Mass Bay Colony Pikemen
Sun 10:00am Yoga using ropes
Sun 11:00am Getting Medieval with the Rapier
Sun 12:00pm Lightning Talks
Sun 5:00pm Walk the Labyrinth
Sun 5:30pm Our Other Obsessions
Sun 6:40pm Dating the Enemy
Sun 7:00pm Have We Arrived?
Sun 8:30pm Why Zombies? Why Now?
Sun 8:30pm Fans as Agents of Social Service
Sun 10:00pm The Dark Lords
Sun 10:25pm Poligamy
Sun 11:30pm The Eye of Argon
Mon 10:00am Biophilia and the Cities of the Future
Mon 10:00am How Fans Hurt and Help Public Faces of Fandom
Mon 10:00am Vinyasa Flow Yoga
Mon 11:30am The Undead and the People That Love Them
Mon 11:30am Goth Fans: Beyond the Black
Mon 1:00pm Archery: The New Old Sport?
Mon 2:30pm Letting Your Geek Flag Fly
Mon 2:30pm Housekeeping for Nerds
Mon 2:30pm The Ephemeral City

Fast Track

Sat 8:30am Table Top RPG with Damien
Sat 8:30am Geeky Play Date
Sat 8:30am Swords of Chivalry 1
Sat 10:00am How to Write Your Own Stories
Sat 10:00am Kamikaze Costuming
Sat 10:00am Make a Drum/Drum Circle Workshop
Sat 10:00am Belly Dancing for Beginners
Sat 1:00pm Table Top RPG with Damien
Sat 1:00pm Tales of Wonder and Magic
Sat 1:00pm Steampunk Make and Takes
Sat 1:00pm Origami Fun
Sat 1:00pm Magic Show Part 1
Sat 2:30pm What Do You Mean, 10 and Up?
Sat 2:30pm The World of Ang and Korra
Sat 2:30pm The Black Box
Sat 2:30pm Bernoulli Derby
Sat 4:00pm Bedtime Stories That End Badly
Sat 4:00pm Cartooning & Comic Creating
Sat 4:00pm I've Got All the Balls in the Air, Now What?
Sat 4:00pm Flying High with Paper
Sun 8:30am Table Top RPG with Damien
Sun 8:30am Geeky Play Date
Sun 10:00am MyChip Child ID
Sun 10:00am Play with Clay
Sun 10:00am Share Your Fave Books
Sun 10:00am Kamikaze Costuming: Props
Sun 11:30am Days of Lightning Balloon Car Rally
Sun 1:00pm Make and Take—Tie-Dyed Butterfly
Sun 1:00pm Table Top RPG with Damien
Sun 1:00pm Origami/Papercraft Workshop
Sun 2:30pm Science Experiments
Sun 2:30pm Drawing Manga for Beginners
Sun 2:30pm Learn to Knit
Sun 2:30pm Spoon-A-Pults
Sun 2:30pm Dungeon and Mazes
Sun 4:00pm Nerf War Support
Sun 7:00pm NERF Gun War
Mon 8:30am Table Top RPG with Damien
Mon 8:30am Geeky Play Date
Mon 8:30am Swords of Chivalry 2
Mon 10:00am Gimp Basics
Mon 10:00am Quilting Basics
Mon 10:00am Pirate Time!
Mon 11:30am Make it in Clay
Mon 11:30am It's Storigami
Mon 11:30am Build a Song Sing-a-Long
Mon 11:30am Creepy Crawlies Time!

Film and Video

Fri 4:00pm Fantastic Planet
Fri 6:00pm Down on the Ground
Fri 6:05pm Baikonur
Fri 8:00pm The Man in the White Suit
Fri 8:00pm Marvel's The Avengers
Fri 10:10pm The Lost World: Silent Movie
Fri 10:20pm Marvel One-Shot: Item 47
Fri 10:35pm The Cabin in the Woods
Sat 1:40am The Man From the Future
Sat 3:25am Never Let Me Go
Sat 5:10am Death Defying Acts
Sat 6:40am The Reptile (1966)
Sat 8:10am Tom and Jerry and the Wizard of Oz
Sat 9:00am Digby: The Biggest Dog in the World
Sat 9:10am The Wonderful Wizard of Oz (1910)
Sat 10:30am The Jetsons: Good Little Scout
Sat 12:00pm All-Star Superman
Sat 12:30pm Baikonur (Second Showing)
Sat 2:15pm John Carter
Sat 3:30pm Dating Rules from My Future Self
Sat 4:35pm UnAired Pilot—The Big Bang Theory
Sat 4:45pm Bozo the Clown and the Space Pirates
Sat 5:00pm Crack In the World
Sat 5:00pm Schrödinger's Girl
Sat 9:00pm First Spaceship On Venus
Sat 9:00pm God's Puzzle
Sat 10:45pm ST:TOS: Space Seed
Sun 12:00am Starship Eros (X-rated Movie)
Sun 3:45am Another Earth
Sun 5:20am Vampires
Sun 6:50am Stella Starcrash
Sun 8:20am Ark 2010 (webisodes)
Sun 9:00am X-15
Sun 11:45am Steampunk Shorts
Sun 12:00pm This Week on Brit TV
Sun 12:15pm Extra-Bad Film: Fire Monster vs. Son of Hercules
Sun 12:30pm The UFO Experience
Sun 1:30pm Make Me Psychic
Sun 2:30pm Safety Not Guaranteed
Sun 3:55pm FAQ About Time Travel
Sun 4:00pm The Electric Grandmother
Sun 5:15pm Technotise: Edit & I
Sun 6:00pm Classic Trailer Park
Sun 7:30pm Looper
Sun 8:20pm Bunraku
Sun 9:45pm Mars Briefing
Sun 9:50pm John Carter
Sun 11:50pm Ronal the Barbarian
Mon 1:20am Khottabych
Mon 2:50am Extraterrestrial
Mon 4:25am Crowley
Mon 6:10am Hinokio: Inter Galactic Love
Mon 8:00am Daddy, I Am a Zombie
Mon 9:00am Audience Choice Film
Mon 9:20am Happy Duckling
Mon 9:30am Going Boldly (Web)
Mon 9:40am Justice League: Doom
Mon 11:00am HD Trailers


Sat 9:00am Tai Chi
Sat 8:00pm Emerald Rose Concert
Sun 9:00am Tai Chi
Sun 10:00am The Nature of Creativity
Sun 11:00am Roger Dean Presents: The Art of Roger Dean
Sun 1:00pm Emerald Rose: Celtic Ballads and Story Songs


Fri 3:00pm Arisia's First E-Gaming Room
Fri 7:00pm Wargames
Fri 10:00pm Introduction to LARPing
Sat 10:00am Arisia's First E-Gaming Room
Sat 11:30am Gender and Gaming
Sat 1:00pm Beyond Dice and Hit Points
Sat 2:30pm Portal: Beyond the Cake
Sat 4:00pm Cross Casting and Gender in Gaming
Sat 5:30pm Making a Video Game 101
Sat 7:00pm So You Want to Run a LARP?
Sat 7:00pm Introduction to Tabletop Roleplaying
Sat 8:30pm The New Board Game Classics
Sat 10:00pm Running Great Games
Sat 11:30pm Death in Gaming
Sun 10:00am RPG Gaming: Rails vs. Sandbox
Sun 10:00am Arisia's First E-Gaming Room
Sun 11:30am Cooperative Games
Sun 1:00pm Technology and the GM
Sun 2:30pm Gaming Year in Review
Sun 5:30pm Designing a Memorable Roleplaying Character
Sun 8:30pm Worldbuilding for Games
Sun 10:00pm GM Helpline
Mon 10:00am Costuming for LARPs
Mon 11:30am Magic: The Gathering at Twenty
Mon 1:00pm Steve Jackson Games v. U.S. Secret Service

Gaming—Scheduled Game

Fri 5:30pm Learn how to play
Fri 5:30pm Zpocalypse
Fri 6:00pm Game of Thrones 2nd Edition
Fri 6:00pm Pathfinder RPG
Fri 7:00pm Rails of New England
Fri 7:00pm Firefly
Fri 7:00pm Slip Through Their Fingers
Fri 7:30pm Zombi-thulu
Fri 8:30pm Nexus Elements LARP: Session 1
Fri 9:00pm Torchwood Toronto
Fri 9:00pm Trailer Park Wars
Fri 10:00pm Cards Against Humanity
Fri 11:00pm Boston: Elder Machinations
Sat 12:00am I Love the Smell of Xenomorphs in the Morning
Sat 7:30am Star Trek DS9: Pale Moonlight Pt 2
Sat 9:00am Pathfinder RPG
Sat 9:00am Settlers of Catan
Sat 10:00am Learn how to play
Sat 10:00am Zpocalypse
Sat 10:30am Traveller 5: Cirque
Sat 11:00am Return to Ravnica Booster Drafts
Sat 12:00pm Small World
Sat 12:00pm Alien Wars
Sat 12:00pm The Alexandria Mystery
Sat 12:00pm Baby, it's Cold Inside!
Sat 12:00pm Mage Wars
Sat 1:00pm Nexus Elements LARP: Session 2
Sat 1:30pm Circus Maximus
Sat 1:30pm Power Grid
Sat 1:30pm Beware the Auditors
Sat 1:30pm Pathfinder RPG
Sat 1:30pm Game of Thrones 2nd Edition
Sat 2:00pm Etheraz—Kingdom of the Flame Youth LARP
Sat 3:00pm Intro to Blackjack
Sat 3:00pm Alien Wars
Sat 3:00pm Return to Ravnica Booster Drafts
Sat 4:30pm Firefly
Sat 4:30pm Shard
Sat 5:30pm Zpocalypse
Sat 6:00pm Jailbreak!
Sat 6:00pm Pathfinder RPG
Sat 7:00pm Blackjack Tournament
Sat 7:00pm Rails of New England
Sat 7:00pm LARP Adventure Program: Faros
Sat 9:00pm Game of Thrones 2nd Edition: Dance of Dragons
Sat 10:00pm Boston By Night—Mind's Eye Theater LARP
Sun 7:30am Estia: The Isle of Giants
Sun 9:00am Pathfinder RPG
Sun 10:00am Learn how to play
Sun 10:00am Zpocalypse
Sun 10:00am Realms LARP: The Frontier
Sun 10:30am Firefly
Sun 11:00am Return to Ravnica Booster Drafts
Sun 12:00pm A Different Kind of Rescue
Sun 12:00pm Blast Off in T-Minus
Sun 1:00pm Grueling Gaming Tournament
Sun 1:30pm Pathfinder RPG
Sun 2:30pm Learn how to play
Sun 3:00pm Return to Ravnica Booster Drafts
Sun 3:00pm Imaginary Friends
Sun 3:00pm The Pyramid of Skulls
Sun 6:00pm Pathfinder RPG
Sun 7:00pm Rails of New England
Mon 8:30am Learn how to play
Mon 9:00am The Day Ponyville Stood Still
Mon 9:00am Pathfinder RPG
Mon 1:00pm Rails of New England
Mon 1:30pm Pathfinder RPG


Fri 5:30pm Best of the Small Press
Fri 7:00pm A Hero Like Me
Fri 7:00pm Facing the Prejudice of Giants
Fri 8:30pm Vampires: Fear of the Other, Fear of the Body
Fri 10:00pm Papi Chulo to Papi Cthulhu—Latino/as in SFF
Fri 10:00pm Displacement in Literature
Sat 8:30am Faeries of Color: Tales of the Fae Beyond Europe
Sat 8:30am Discworld at 30
Sat 10:00am Ray Bradbury: A Retrospective
Sat 11:30am Sex, SF/F, & Racial Stereotypes
Sat 11:30am More than One Way to Traumatize a Character
Sat 1:00pm Hoodoo, Voodoo & the Bullshit That Authors Do
Sat 2:30pm The Body of the Future
Sat 4:00pm Trans* and Gender Variant SF
Sat 5:30pm Greatest History Never Altered
Sat 7:00pm Innovation Starvation?
Sat 8:30pm Speculative Poetry Reading
Sat 10:00pm Morally Ambiguous Characters
Sat 11:30pm Changing Face of Fiction: Diversity and Backlash
Sun 8:30am Disabilities in Science Fiction
Sun 8:30am When Faith and Science Meet
Sun 10:00am Contemporary Fantasy Outside the City Limits
Sun 10:00am Queer SF/F
Sun 11:30am Fairy Tales and Folklore in Modern Literature
Sun 11:30am How to Be a Fan of Problematic Things
Sun 11:30am Dark Matter, a Decade Later
Sun 1:00pm YA You Want to Read
Sun 2:30pm Erasure is Not Equality
Sun 2:30pm The Arisia Book Club: Reading the Hugos
Sun 4:00pm Future Fantasy
Sun 4:00pm Beyond Binary: Exploring Gender Via SF/Fantasy
Sun 5:30pm Strong Stories with Strong Parents
Sun 5:30pm Asexuality and Asexual Characters in SF
Sun 5:30pm Avoiding Culturefail
Sun 7:00pm Interstitial Arts: A Discussion
Sun 7:00pm Healthcare in Speculative Fiction
Sun 7:00pm Race and Identity in SF/F
Sun 8:30pm Speculative Fiction on Stage
Sun 8:30pm Speculative Poetry is Awesome
Sun 10:00pm Unreliable Narrators in Speculative Fiction
Sun 11:30pm Um, It's Complicated: Relationships in SF/F
Mon 8:30am YA Books for Adult Readers
Mon 10:00am Short Fiction: Why Is It So Awesome?
Mon 10:00am Caught in the Slipstream: Fiction Between Genres
Mon 10:00am What SF/F Series Should I Begin With?
Mon 11:30am The Perils of Near-Future Science Fiction
Mon 1:00pm The Horror of Our Youth
Mon 1:00pm Growing Old in an Adventure-Filled World
Mon 1:00pm How Do We Pay for the Future?
Mon 2:30pm Urban Fantasy & First-Person Narrators


Fri 5:30pm Crafts for Adults: Working with Clay
Fri 8:30pm Build a Siege Engine
Fri 10:00pm What Are Makerspaces?
Sat 8:30am Chainmail 101
Sat 10:00am Making Stained Glass
Sat 11:30am Stitch 'n' Bitch
Sat 2:30pm 3D Printing: What's Next?
Sat 5:30pm Art Exchange Prep 1
Sat 7:00pm Crafting Spirits: Home Brewing and Distilling
Sat 8:30pm How to Go Pro as a Maker
Sat 10:00pm Arduino For Beginners
Sat 11:30pm Make a Scale Flower
Sun 8:30am Make a Renfair Rosette
Sun 10:00am Crafts for Adults: Fingerpainting
Sun 11:30am Mail 'n' Flail
Sun 1:00pm Foodcraft: How Science Can Reinvent Your Kitchen
Sun 2:30pm Art Exchange Prep 2
Sun 4:00pm Skin Painting
Sun 5:30pm Origami: The Art of Paperfolding
Sun 7:00pm Art Cars: A Primer
Sun 10:00pm The Future of Rapid Prototyping Technology
Sun 11:30pm Home Depot in the Bedroom
Mon 10:00am Arisia Maker Showcase


Fri 7:00pm Fairy Tales on Film and TV
Fri 8:30pm Species as a Metaphor for Race
Fri 11:30pm Doctor Who: Companions Through the Ages
Sat 10:00am The Hunger Games
Sat 11:00am The Movie Year in Review
Sat 1:00pm Worst Episode Ever
Sat 4:00pm Doctor Who at 50
Sat 5:30pm Everything's a Reboot
Sat 8:30pm Bad Superhero Films
Sat 10:00pm A History of Horror Films
Sat 11:30pm The Exorcist at 40
Sun 10:00am Horror for Kids
Sun 11:00am TV Year in Review
Sun 11:30am We Control The Horizontal: The Outer Limits at 50
Sun 1:00pm The Hobbit
Sun 4:00pm Beyond the Fringe
Sun 5:30pm Game of Thrones
Sun 7:00pm Prometheus and the Alien Series
Sun 8:30pm Doctor Who: The Dissertation of the Daleks
Mon 10:00am All Together Now: Yellow Submarine at 45
Mon 11:30am The Avengers
Mon 1:00pm John Carter: What Happened?


Fri 6:00pm Contra Dance
Fri 7:00pm Pick, Pass, Play Open Filk
Fri 8:30pm NESFA Songbook Sing-along
Fri 9:00pm Techno Contradance
Fri 9:30pm Drum and Dance at Arisia
Fri 10:00pm Ceilidh: Music Party with Emerald Rose
Fri 11:00pm Faebotica Concert
Fri 11:00pm Video Game Dance
Sat 12:00am Unmoderated Open Filk
Sat 12:10am Suck
Sat 11:30am Rousing Chorus Songs
Sat 12:00pm Sassafrass and Stranger Ways concert
Sat 12:00pm Cross-Step Waltz for Dummies
Sat 1:00pm Geeks and Music: Beyond Filk
Sat 1:00pm Cross-Step Waltz for Experienced Folk
Sat 2:00pm Psyche Corp concert
Sat 2:30pm Who, Me, a Songwriter?
Sat 3:30pm Proper Ladies Meet Bawdy Ladies, or Of Vice & Men
Sat 4:00pm Forming a Musical Group
Sat 4:00pm Filk 101 Song Circle
Sat 5:30pm Singing for Non-Singers
Sat 7:00pm Song Contest: Doom, Gloom, and Despondency
Sat 8:30pm Pick, Pass, Play Open Filk
Sat 8:30pm Devo Spice I
Sat 10:00pm Theme Circle: Chantey Sing
Sat 10:00pm Dance Club—Video Room
Sat 10:00pm Dance Club—Main Room
Sat 11:30pm Unmoderated Open Filk
Sun 12:50am The Dead Inside
Sun 2:30am Rock & Rule
Sun 11:30am What's so Special About Filk?
Sun 1:00pm Theme Circle: Humorous Songs
Sun 2:00pm Psyche Corp
Sun 2:30pm Sing-Along: The Best of New Filk
Sun 3:00pm SCA/Renaissance Dance
Sun 4:00pm Braiding Voices: Singing Rounds & Related Forms
Sun 5:30pm Delsarte Technique: Victorian Oratory
Sun 7:00pm Bawdy Song Circle
Sun 8:00pm Devo Spice II
Sun 8:30pm Pick, Pass, Play Open Filk
Sun 10:00pm Pick, Pass, Play Open Filk
Sun 11:30pm Unmoderated Open Filk
Mon 1:00pm Theme Circle: Ballads of the Supernatural
Mon 2:30pm Dead Dog Open Filk


Fri 7:00pm Reading: Brusso, Cooney, & Graykin
Fri 8:30pm Reading: DeCandido, Gannon, & Palmer
Fri 10:00pm Reading: Anderson, Bowker, & Wilkins
Fri 11:30pm Cecilia Tan Erotic Fantasy/SF Reading
Sat 10:00am Reading: Dern, Nelson, & Silva
Sat 11:30am Cambridge SF Workshop Flash Fiction Reading
Sat 1:00pm Author Guests of Honor Reading
Sat 2:30pm Reading: Hairston, Pelland, & Silverman
Sat 4:00pm Reading: Janssen, Older, & Taaffe
Sat 5:30pm Reading: Eldredge & Salaam
Sat 7:00pm Reading: Hashway, Nurenberg, & Ronald
Sat 8:30pm Reading: Handford, Redick, & Vourvoulias
Sat 10:00pm Reading: Crowley, Dawn, & Sawicki
Sun 10:00am Reading: Doyle, Kimmel, & Kurtz
Sun 11:30am Broad Universe Rapid-Fire Reading
Sun 1:00pm Reading: Amundsen, Lipkin, Rios
Sun 2:30pm Reading: Linzner, Macdonald, & Sakers
Sun 4:00pm Reading: Hafer, Hunt, & Kirschbaum
Sun 5:30pm Reading: Feinman, G. Gilman, & Lidell
Sun 8:30pm Reading: Marchand & Rabuzzi
Sun 10:00pm Reading: Fuqua & Kane
Mon 11:30am Reading: Dr. Chris, Kaftan, & Wilk
Mon 1:00pm Reading: Arthen & D'Entremont


Fri 7:00pm The Man Who Sold the Moon
Fri 10:00pm Eat Your Vegetables
Sat 10:00am The Future of the City
Sat 11:30am Science Year in Review
Sat 1:00pm Improbable Research and the Ig Nobel Prizes
Sat 1:15pm Nine Science Lecture Shorts
Sat 2:30pm The Science of Food
Sat 4:00pm Isaac Newton: The Last Magical Alchemist
Sat 5:30pm Future Directions in Personal Computing
Sat 6:45pm The Big Bounce
Sat 7:00pm Lies, Damned Lies, and Statistics
Sat 7:00pm NASA Vortex Research
Sat 8:30pm Zombies: Victims of Parasites?
Sat 10:00pm Animals that Defy Intelligent Design
Sat 10:00pm The Transit of Venus
Sun 10:00am Forward the Corporation
Sun 11:30am Birding 101
Sun 1:00pm Kessler's Nightmare: Space Debris Dilemma
Sun 1:00pm Panel in the Pool
Sun 2:30pm The Psychology of Villainy
Sun 4:00pm Beekeeping 101
Sun 5:30pm Forensic Science and Criminal Justice
Sun 7:00pm Medicine in Science Fiction and Science Fact
Sun 8:30pm The Bolos are Coming!
Sun 10:00pm The 100-Year Starship Project
Sun 10:00pm The Record 2012 Open Arctic
Mon 10:00am It's Metric, Baby!
Mon 11:30am Alternative Energy
Mon 1:00pm My Cat Understands Me
Mon 2:30pm Alan Turing's Legacy: 100 Years Later


Fri 10:00pm The Day the Earth Stood Still
Sat 12:00am The Rocky Horror Picture Show
Sat 3:00pm The Nightmare Before Christmas
Sat 5:00pm Hallucinating Shakespeare
Sat 7:00pm Power Point Karaoke
Sat 11:00pm Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog
Sun 12:00am Commentary! The Musical
Sun 1:00am Buffy: Once More with Feeling
Sun 6:00pm Anarchist Pep Rally
Mon 12:00am Repo the Genetic Opera

Theater & Con Tech

Fri 8:15pm Sound System Tuning and Subwoofer Arrays
Fri 8:30pm Learn/Assist with shooting a Live TV Show


Fri 5:30pm How to Give an Effective Reading
Fri 7:00pm Kill Your Darlings
Fri 8:30pm Worldbuilding with the Soft Sciences
Fri 10:00pm Self-Editing Your Sci-Fi/Fantasy Novel
Sat 10:00am Punching Up the Action
Sat 1:00pm Self-Publishing 101: Distribution Resources
Sat 2:30pm Write What You Know?
Sat 4:00pm Worldbuilding 101
Sat 5:30pm Promoting Your Book
Sat 5:30pm Inspired By
Sat 7:00pm Point of View
Sat 8:30pm Plot and Structure
Sat 10:00pm Adult vs. YA SF/F
Sun 10:00am Character Building
Sun 1:00pm Keeping Track of the Action
Sun 2:30pm Lifewriting Workshop with Steven Barnes
Sun 4:00pm Everything You Know is Wrong
Sun 5:30pm Pulling the Emotional Strings
Sun 7:00pm Are Rules Meant to be Broken?
Sun 8:30pm Writing and the Law
Sun 10:00pm Self-Publishing 202: Independent Press
Mon 11:30am Weird Worlds