Update about the Masquerade

Greetings to Arisia Masquerade past participants, prospective participants, Costumers, Cosplayers, friends and family!

The 2013 Arisia Masquerade staff want you to know about the great things happening for this year's Masquerade.

The major thing we want to you all to know is that the Masquerade has moved to SUNDAY NIGHT!!!  Yes, Sunday night at 8pm with doors opening at 7pm.  This will give us more opportunity for longer rehearsal times and more entrants, tentatively capped at 42, and have an even bigger and better Masquerade than ever before!!!

Next we want you to know is that the Masquerade Rules and the Masquerade Registration Form are online at /masqRules and /masqSignup.

Please read the Rules thoroughly so you can best plan your masquerade presentation and be able to fill out the form with as much information as you can to help us plan the rehearsals and the show.  Please indicate which rehearsal time slot on Saturday (10am-2pm) you prefer. If you are a novice or a large group you should consider a slot for Saturday.  This will help us plan out the rehearsal schedule in advance.  There will be Sunday slots as well (available at-con), but at this time we are only offering the Saturday slots for online signup. Please note also that all entrants MUST check in with the Masquerade Registration desk during our registration hours BEFORE rehearsals to ensure your spot on the schedule. Talking to our Tech crew at the Registration table in advance about your presentation will also mean that you will have more time during your rehearsal slot for actual rehearsing!

The Hotel Reservations page is online for the Westin Waterfront and the overflow hotel so book your rooms now before it fills up! /Hotel

Lastly, the Masquerade also needs your help with many volunteer positions like Ushers, Green Room wranglers, Den Moms, and Stage Ninjas, We need help during rehearsals and before, during, and after the Masquerade.  Earn your hours for the next Arisia by volunteering!!!

Thank you and we hope that you will consider participating in whatever capacity you can for the 2013 Arisia Masquerade.  And remember, the show is on Sunday night!  Tell your friends!  Tell your roommates!

Please contact us at masquerade@arisia.org if you have any questions.

The Masquerade Staff
Masquerade Director: Sharon Sbarsky
Asst. Masquerade Director: Jill Eastlake
Master of Ceremonies: Marty Gear
Stage Manager: Joel Lord
Asst. Stage Manager: Michael Rafferty
House Manager:  Seth Breidbart
Head Ninja: Ann Catelli
Kamikaze Kids: Persis Thorndike
Green Room: Byron Connell
Staff: James Hinsey, Joni Dashoff, Adina Adler, Suford Lewis, Sheila Perry